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International Agency

for China-based foreign talent


Fully foreign owned local talent agency in China

At Cozmikk we believe that every actor has the chance to shine. Our mission is to provide exceptional representation services for foreign actors in China, unlocking their full potential in the entertainment industry. Our vast local experience helps us to connect our international talent with local productions.

Image by Hanson Lu


We Deliver Exceptional Talent Representation in China

Talent Resources

We work with both local and foreign productions to help source high quality talent they need for any project. Our commitment to quality is a driving factor in our talent selection.


Talent  Management

We don't just represent our talents - we manage their careers. Our team of experienced talent managers will work with you to develop your skills, create opportunities, and build a successful career in the entertainment industry. At Constellation, we believe that every actor has unique talents and strengths. We take a personalized approach to talent representation, and strive to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Video and Film Production

Whether it's for the big screen or the screen in your pocket, we both collaborate with larger producers or produce in-house, with a wide range of content. 


Training and Mentorship

Training talent to be the best they can be

We believe that learning never ends. In service to this we provide training to our actors by industry veterans.

Our acting coaches have a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the local and foreign film and TV industries. They teach and guide our actors not only on how to improve their performances, but also how to bridge the cultural divide.

The Stars
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The Cozmikk Trinity

Using the three elements of our business, we are able to achieve a cohesive model that works together for effective results from scouting talent, representing them, all the way to putting them on screen.

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