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Learning never ends. We provide comprehensive training for actors wanting to improve their craft, and for our representative talent to become event better. Students that we feel have improved their skill to a certain level will be invited to be represented by the agency.

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Acting Workshops

Hollywood-style training

Cozmikk offers Hollywood-style training for actors, with a focus on foreign actors residing in China. While the acting school market is crowded, we stand out by specializing in training foreign talent. Despite a smaller market share, our unique focus means we face minimal competition.

With 10s of thousands foreigners in Beijing alone, the potential demand is significant. Our students range from ordinary people starting their acting journey to some of China’s top foreign talent already working alongside A-list actors. All of them train and develop their craft through our weekly workshops.


Foreign actors in China

Foreign actors have been integral to Chinese cinema since the late 1980s, and the need for professional actors who can match China’s top stars has never been higher. While it's common knowledge that entry barriers for foreign actors in China are relatively low, simply landing a role is different from adding value and quality to a project. Local producers and filmmakers are increasingly frustrated with foreign actors who lack acting skills. They seek talented performers who can enhance their projects, not worsen.

In-house curriculum

We address the demand for skilled foreign actors by providing comprehensive training that elevates performances and enriches the Chinese film industry.

Our Western acting workshop's content is created completely in-house with both custom scripts and lessons. We also use selected scenes from TV shows and movies for practical experience.

After each performance, actors receive constructive feedback, fostering continuous improvement and preparing them for real-world acting scenarios.


Weekly Acting Workshops

We offer various different weekly workshops in our Beijing Studio as well as private coaching to meet your needs!

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Workshop Information 


“I had so much fun !!! got used to knowing that I will see everyone every Wednesday. I hope to see you guys very soon !! you're all amazing. It's crazy to see how all of us improved hugely since the day one! Love you all!!! ❤️❤️❤️And thanks to Cozmikk's Kent and Karl for guiding and good energy and everything !!!! Just watched my tape from last night, and of course I see a lot I'm not satisfied with, but I also see the noticeable progress, and I'm immensely happy!!!!"


​"Yeah this was a great course. I want to start going to weekly classes,  and would welcome more longer form series too! 🫡"


“I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional course and training you guys have provided over the past 4 weeks. Thanks to Kent & Karl for your guidance, we have not only successfully completed our program but the course also equipped us with valuable skills and enhanced our confidence in pursuing our acting dreams. Thank you once again for your invaluable contribution to our acting journey ahead. ❤️”

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