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cozmikk talent

Foreign talent agency in China

Beijing Talent Agency and Management

Cozmikk is a leading talent agency that provides local opportunities for talented performers from all over the world, whether currently residing in China or not. We have a diverse and extensive roster of actors with proven skills, on-screen presence, and extensive experience.  We are committed to fostering cultural exchange and collaboration among filmmakers and artists.

Why cast from Cozmikk?

Finding foreign talent in China, regardless of professional ability and quality, can be challenging due to the lack of transparency, systemization, and standardization. Cozmikk rectifies and alleviates this problem by becoming THE place to find foreign talent.
Now that Cozmikk is here, the days of scouring for agents just to find a handful of actors are over. Cozmikk has a comprehensive roster of professionally trained actors ready for the roles China’s film industry has to offer.


Why do our talent choose Cozmikk?

Cozmikk is owned and operated by foreigners. This is crucial because effectively communicating, managing, and advising foreign talent requires a corporate identity and culture they feel comfortable with and can trust.

Cozmikk also makes their lives easier. They can feel at ease knowing that being on our roster and our roster alone is enough. Thanks to Cozmikk’s strong branding and marketing, the big production companies know who to contact for their foreign actors.

Our contracts are also far less restrictive than those of many local agencies, suiting the flexible and transient nature of foreign actors living and working in China.


What about foreign talent outside of China?

Cozmikk has a direct connection with Hollywood and is equipped to contact talent of any tier that Chinese productions are looking to cast for their local projects, big or small.

Whether you’re looking for the best foreign actors China has to offer or the best actors in the world, Cozmikk can help you.


Find Talent Now

Looking for talent? As a leading talent agency in China for foreign talent, we are dedicated to helping you locate the best person available for your project.

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