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Cinematic Actor 

A custom movie scene starring YOU!

A successful actor needs more than just skill, talent and determination. They need a showreel that showcases and highlights their strengths and abilities so directors, producers and filmmakers choose them for their next big project.  

Our Cinematic Actor Showreels are hand-curated and customised to highlight and showcase each actor’s unique strengths. They are perfect for new actors looking for their first showreel to get them in the door, get them seen and get them booked. They are also great for veteran actors looking to add custom performances to their decorated repertoire. 

Movie Set Explosion

Our Cinematic Actor Showreels include:

  • A dedicated in-depth “actor-type” consultation session, which determines the most appropriate roles and scenes to include in the showreel. 

  • Comprehensive script and scene selection, with custom script editing and writing new scenes if necessary.

  • 1-on-1 coaching with our professional and experienced acting coaches before and during the shooting day. 

  • Professional fashion and costume styling by IVYPLUME with a dedicated fashion assistant from start to finish on the production day. 

  • A production team that covers all the aspects of the shoot, including but not limited to pre-production, camera gear and equipment, location and art design, lighting, sound recording, editing and postproduction.  

  • A dedicated professional makeup artist from start to finish on the production day. 
    Food and drinks on the production day. 

All this gets you a professional cinematic masterpiece with YOU front and centre as the star, showing your best performance!

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