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The Red Line is the story of a young woman about to start medical school

whose life is disrupted when her father's distress call draws her home

to discover the brutal murder of her parents. As she seeks justice, she

becomes entangled in town secrets and unravels a haunting mystery that

poses a threat to her own life, transforming her quest for justice into a battle for survival.


Lily Turner: An ambitious young woman who is headed off to medical school. She

has a fearless determination to seek justice for her parents, regardless of the danger that she faces. Overly trustworthy.

Ethan: Lily's close friend since childhood. Ethan cares deeply for Lily. and will do

whatever it takes to keep her safe. He is not trusting of Jake.

Jake: He is new to town, and meets Lily and Ethan at the library. He is dangerously charismatic, and quickly displays a deep lust for Lily, doing whatever it takes to help her with her investigation. Throughout the show, he becomes more and more obsessive, perhaps suggesting that he has an ulterior motive.

Sara Lawson: The town detective. Stern and focused, she is committed to taking on a case that the rest of her police department swiftly dismissed as a suicide.

Mother (Greta Turner): Lily's mother. A kind and caring mother, who is also a

brilliant chef!

Father (Thomas Turner): Lily's father. A devoted father. He is happy go lucky, but he has secrets that Lily is unaware of. Secrets that lead to his demise.

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