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Daily Rate





Actor, Entertainer, Host, Model, Stunts, Voiceover, Theater



Age Range

25 - 35 years old


White, Middle-Eastern


170 cm


65 kg

Body Type


Hair Color


Eye Color



China: Beijing



Actor Experience


Mandarin Skill

average rating is 3 out of 5

English Skill

average rating is 4 out of 5

Other Languages

Ukranian, Russian, Italian


Growing up in Ukraine, surrounded by the vibrant heritage of the Cossacks, at the age of 7 I discovered martial arts. Since then I have been practicing Wushu professionally for 15 years, becoming a two-time World Wushu champion. Through these transformative years respect, discipline and mind-body awareness became a deeply rooted part of me. In 2015, life led me to China, and later on in the dynamic world of the movie industry, a world similar to the structured yet improvisational nature of martial arts. Living abroad for more than 8 years expanded my horizons, nurturing my adaptability, problem-solving skills and deep curiosity about different cultures and people. 
For about 6 years, I've enjoyed my way through various roles in the Chinese movie industry, from acting and action acting to motion capture, voice-over work, advertisements, hosting. At certain point I've been led to Italy for the project, that gave we a wider perspective on the industry. 
I love all the aspects of life, from calm activities like reading and meditating to dynamic pursuits like sports (any kind of martial arts, surfing, cycling, running, snowboarding, anything active) and exploring with a childlike curiosity, excitement and thrill of learning without fear of making mistakes. I could write endlessly, but due to characters limits and my eagerness to ask you questions too, I'll patiently await for our face-to-face meeting.


FILM & TELEVISION William TellStunt double Feature/Nick Hamm Counterattack 反击 Supporting/Stunt actress Feature/Vincent Zhao 赵文卓 The Legend HuntersStunt actress Feature/Simon West, Li YiFan AbductionStunt actress Feature/Ernie Barbarash The Rookies SAEFeature/Yuan JinLin 袁锦麟 League of Legends K/DA interviewLead (Motion capture, body acting) Riot Angelos 阿格洛斯Supporting/Stunt actressFeature/Wei DongLei 魏冬雷 Big Beast 大兽Supporting/Stunt actressFeature/Wei DongLei 魏冬雷 Wulin congress 武林大会Supporting/Stunt actressFeature/Lin JiaJun 林佳俊 Asura 阿修罗 SAEFeature/ZhangPeng 张鹏 In New YorkStunt actressTV show/YanPo Crossing YaLuJiang River 跨过鸭绿江SupportingFeature/Dong YaChun董亚春 Super Talent (超能天赋)Stunt actressWeb Series/XingXiao 邢潇 GuBei water town Promotional VideoHostTV show/The Beijing travel insiders series Jerry(Short) Supporting Ray Kenderdine Shuttered Remedy (Short)Supporting/Stunt actressDimitry Kulak The Peeper (Short)Supporting Sergiy Pudich The Creator (Short)Supporting Sergiy Pudich Tattooist (Short) Stunt actress Michael Wong Toyota (Short)Female Lead Troy Sandford Unplanned (short) Lead Fred Castelbranco VOICE 我的岳父会武术 Mother-in-law Ma YuruDubbing in Ukrainian THEATRE/LIVE SHOW Live action show Water worldHelenUniversal Studios Resort (Beijing) Beijing Broads - improv groupImprovisation performerMonthly improvisation shows The Great Limit Wushu, Lion dance performer Zaporizhzhya Wushu Federation Murder Mystery (immersive theater)Lucy Danny Whitehead TRAINING Loose Moose Improvisation workshop Shawn Kinley Improvisation center (Rome) Meditation and ActingDavid Victori Casa basa (Rome) Acting&Action Benjamin Teare/Troy SandfordTroy’s Team (Beijing) Director’s Kitchen Sergiy Pudich Director&actor practice Wire work intensiveJaika stunts Jaika Stunts Facility (Bangkok) Free diving course (12m)Stephan ColligeBeyond Diving (Thailand) PADI (Open water)Sara Alcaraz CentenoBohol Divers (Philippines) Public SpeakingOlga Gabluyk School of Eloquence (Kyiv)

Training and Skills

- 15 years of experience as a professional wushu athlete, World Wushu Champion (2012 AnHui, China; 2013 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), multi-time champion of Europe and Ukraine (styles with and without weaponry, staged fight performance), Master of Sport of Ukraine International Grade
- 6 years of experience in the entertainment industry in China (movies - action acting, acting, interpreter on set, AC; motion capture; advertisement; presenter; voiceover; live action show)
- Motion capture - action and acting (facial expressions, body acting) for companies such as Riot, NetEase
- Live action show experience (Role of Helen in Water World show, Universal Studios Beijing)
- Post-professional sport skills: Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Gymnastics, JiuJitsu, Kali, basic Parkour and Self-defense skills, Tactical gun training
- Experienced in wire work on set. Additionally did 1 week wire work training with Jaika Stunts in Thailand
- Production side: Indie films - directing previz, camera operator, editing (Adobe Premier Pro); social media specialist (Instagram)
- Vast improvisation experience — part of Beijing Broads (China’s first all-female improv group)
- Additional skills include: driving a car, horseback riding, snowboarding, surfing, free diving (12m)
- Have a diving license (PADI open water) and experience in an underwater shooting

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